You're invited to join an exclusive ongoing community of parents, teachers, & caregivers as we collectively support one another on the journey of teaching, raising, supporting, and loving the children in our lives. 


tired of surfing the web or reading yet another book on early childhood development to end up feeling just as confused and unsuccessful when it comes to addressing the behavioral issues you're struggling with?


been looking to find a community where you don't have to pretend you have it all together? Where you can be transparent about your journey? Where your unique perspective will be valued and appreciated by the members of the collective? Where you will be empowered, inspired, & loved for who you are so you can be the best parent, teacher, caregiver you can be?

looking to be inspired, informed, and ultimately empowered to raise, teach, support, & love the small children in your life in a way that makes the most sense for your specific situation-

while learning to take care of yourself in the midst of it all?


Why join the WTY COLLECTIVE?

$ 49*



*scholarships available 

WTY COLLECTIVE is a monthly membership created to both support & educate YOU as you navigate raising, teaching, & taking care of children five & under. I know there are plenty of books, articles, & experts all claiming to have the answers, but I also know it can be difficult, expensive, and confusing sifting through all that information on your own. It's not enough for us to take in the information...we need to be empowered in our ability to apply what we've learned in our every day lives. And we also we need a community to help support us on our journey. This is that community-- a collective of other incredible human beings who desire just as much as

you to be a part of the tribe! You're not alone--we've got you!



Every month you'll receive an email introducing that month's topic. It'll also include the important dates for that month and any other relevant membership information, so you'll always be kept up to date. 

        TOPICS WILL INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

        Emotional intelligence & how to help your child regulate their emotions

        Autonomy & how to encourage developmentally appropriate independence

        The use of screen time & how it impacts development 

        Art & the importance of focusing on the process 

        Outdoor play & how to encourage child led activities 

        How we can make transitions easier & reduce emotional outbursts  

        How to encourage creative thinkers in a perfectionist society 

        Brain development from birth through adolescence

        The importance of boundaries & how to keep them

        Developmentally appropriate expectations & how we can rethink the way we say things

        Prioritization when life gets busy & how to instill patience in your child

        Sensory tables & the importance of engaging all five of the basic senses  

        What is the vestibular sense & how do we engage it

        Mealtime & how to encourage picky eaters & introduce new foods 

        Potty training & how to best approach this exciting milestone

        Self Care & the importance of taking care of ourselves first


Members will receive an invitation to join the community for an exclusive online webinar covering the topic of that month. If you weren't able to make the live event, all webinars will be recorded and sent out via email the next day to be watched at your own convenience. 

3. TWICE A MONTH GROUP MEETINGS via an online conferencing platform 

The first meeting of the month will be a Q & A session where members can submit their questions both before and during the meeting. This is a great time to not only have your questions answered about the most recent webinar, but any other topic you may need some guidance on.

The second meeting will take place during the last week of the month and will be dedicated to the

BOOK CLUB. Each month members will receive a book recommendation (including a purchase link*) and the corresponding reading questions. Most of the time the book recommendation will pertain directly to that month's topic, but not always. Members are not required to have read the book to join that month's book club meeting. 

                           *Every effort will be made to choose books that can be found at your local library


Each week member's will receive a newsletter for continued inspiration & wisdom from not only me, but other community members. There will also be a section each week in which a community member's story will be highlighted. 


Members will have 24/7 access to a private Facebook group to receive support from other members of the collective, including myself.


             -Member exclusive offers & giveaways

             -Access to the private resource page 

             -In person meet ups 

                           (currently held in the Seattle area but as the community continues to grow other locations will added)

             -Email support

             -50% off 1:1 Coaching Sessions


$ 49*/month. cancel anytime

*scholarships available 


educator   l   coach   l   speaker   l   photographer

I've spent more than a decade working with children & their families in a variety of environments, including most recently an administrative role at a preschool/child care center. I have both my BA and MA in Psychology where I focused the majority of my efforts learning about early childhood development through the lens of both inclusivity and holistic growth & development. I believe there needs to be more support, education,  & empowerment for parents, teachers, & caregivers and I absolutely love cultivating a safe space for that to occur. In my spare time I actively read, listen to, and search for a greater understanding of how we can collectively raise, teach, and support the next generation & would whole heartedly say that it's my passion to not only continue in my own learning, but to educate those around me so they can continue in theirs. 

And when I'm not listening to my favorite podcasts you can usually find me hanging out with my husband & our two pups cooking delicious food, exploring the city, or spending time with my family. I also love music & expressing my creativity through photography, art, and designing my next tattoo!


I look forward to getting to know all of you as we engage in this community together! 

HAVE QUESTIONS? PLEASE FEEL FREE TO                           ! 

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